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Tax Preparation

Everyone has a unique tax situation; we offer tax services for all your needs. We know that everyone is different, but all have one thing in common at tax time, and that is to maximize their tax refund. We are here to answer all your questions and for you to get the best outcome on your refund.

Office Drop Off

You can drop by our office in person as normal and leave your documents with us and we will call you when your tax return is ready.

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Upload Your Documents Online

This is what we call the time saver, with our secure online document exchange website (recommended), you can send your documents to us online

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Pick up & Delivery

For a small fee you can call us and have your taxes picked up and delivered from anywhere, home, work, at the mall, at a friend, etc.…

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What is 
Remote Tax Pro?

Remote Tax Pro is our user-friendly online document exchange system.

With Remote tax Pro, we do tax preparation for all provinces across Canada. Our team of tax professionals will prepare your tax return remotely without you having to leave the comfort of your home. It's 100% secure, fast, and easy to use.

No need to go to an office or put off doing your taxes, you can upload your tax documents from anywhere and at any time.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, then we can take care of your taxes.

Remote Tax Pro


« Been a loyal customer for over a decade! They've never made a mistake on my taxes, they were always available for questions/concerns throughout the year, and even provided advice. Their expansion in branches is proof of their amazing competencies! I highly recommend their services! »

Imtiaz Khan

« I have been doing my taxes with this company for many years . The staff is wonderful, smart and reliable. They also take the time to explain and help you with your taxes. You are important to them and it makes you feel great! Thank you! »

Leslie-Ann Burrows

« Very pleased with their service. They are professional, efficient and reliable. They have always handled my taxes in a timely fashion with zero errors. I will not go to another place and I highly recommend this company. »

Christine Ho

« Impôt Québec Tax is one of the greatest tax preparer in the Montreal region. The services they give are impeccable and out of this world. As a result I have no difficulties in recommending this company to anybody who wants their taxes done properly or simply seeking professional tax advice. To backup my claim I am giving them a full 10 ********** »

Stephen Joseph

« I am so happy with their service. They are very professional, efficient and reliable. When I have questions they answer me in a very timely manner. »

Carolyn Stern

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